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Resources and Links


Anjoman Zoroastrian of Tehran  
Ancient Iran A Cultural and Religious Information Center
Association of Mobedan of Iran  
Avesta A Comprehensive Source of Avesta Information
Belarus Zoroastrians The Zoroastrian Community of Belarus (Part of Former Soviet Union)
Brazilian Zoroastrians The Zoroastrian community of Brazil established by the Zarathushtrian Assembly
European Center European Center for Zoroastrian Studies, President: Dr. Khosro Khazai
Farevahar A Site by Our Zoroastrian Youth in Iran
FEZANA Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America
FEZANA-Religious Education FEZANA Religious Education
Los Angeles Zoroastrian Cultural Center An affiliate member of California Zoroastrian Center
Spenta.Education A Zoroastrian Education, Research & Academic site
Tooran Shahriari (Bahrami) First Zoroastrian Woman Attorney, Iranian Parliament and Nationalist Poet
Venezuelan Zoroastrians The Zoroastrian community of Venezuela established by the Zarathushtrian Assembly
Vohuman A Zoroastrian Educational Institute
World of Zoroastrianism A Site dedicated to the Universalism of Zoroastrianism
Yata Ahoo A Site by Our Zoroastrian Youth in Iran in Farsi
Zarathushtra Spiritual Philosophy of Zarathushtra
Zarathushtrian Assembly A Progressive Zoroastrian Organization
Zartoshti A good resource about Zartoshti religion in Farsi
Zoroastrianism By Religious Tolerance Organization
Zoroastrian Community An International Organization Based in Sweden
Zoroastrian Journal & Chehre Nama The online version of cZc Publications
Zoroastrian Kids Corner A Zoroastrian Educational Site for Kids