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publications “Chehrenama and CZC Journal”


Author, Price

Pictorial History of Iran Aminisam $20.00
Fravarane (I choose for Myself the Zoroastrian Religion) Dr. A Jafary $10.00
The Divine songs of Asho Zarathushtra Dr. Iraj Taraporwala $45.00
Zoroastrians in North America Directory of Yellow pages FEZANA $10.00
Feraidoon Conquers Zohak From the Shahnameh $12.00
Zarathustra's City of Light H. Vahidi $15.00
The Religious Ceremonies and Customs of The Parsees J. J. Modi $10.00
History of Zoroastrianism M. N. Dhalla $25.00
Gifts That Lifts Shifts and Uplifts words Meher D. Amalsad $7.00
Message of Zarathustra (Religious Instruction) Mobed Bahram Shahzadi $5.00
The Divine songs of Asho Zarathushtra Mobed F. Azargoshasp $15.00
Thus Spake The Real Zarathushtra Shahriar Shahriari $11.00
The Gatha of Asho Zarathushtra Pallen R. Ichaporia $10.00